What I realized during lockdown

And how I changed my life

5 min readJun 17, 2020


I will start this article with a promise, which is that I will not focus or outline any negative aspects of what’s the world currently facing. I won’t be giving you dates, numbers and I won’t even mention the name of the virus.

In the same time, I’m pretty conscious of the fact that there have been plenty of content creators, politicians, psychologists etc. that have tried to inspire through their way of experiencing the lockdown, focusing on how people can take the best out of it. I promise that I will not try to change your life or tell you what you should do to live better.

I won’t be giving any moral advice or tips and tricks on how to see the good in this world, since I honestly believe that people have their own rhythm and are doing their best to adapt to 2020. Let’s face it… It’s far from the best year and whatever you’re doing to survive, be proud of yourself!

With all these being said, I just want to enlist 3 realizations I’ve had this year during lockdown which made me understand how simple life is and how less we actually need to be fulfilled and understand and love ourselves more.

1. I threw away a lot of stuff

I didn’t plan to follow any advice related to cleaning my apartment or organizing my things which was pretty popular during lockdown. Everybody was cleaning everything.

What actually happened is that I had too much free time during weekends. In the same time, I have a storage closet in my apartment which was full of everything you can imagine. Literally.

Because of all that free time, I too soon finished the usual activities one can do while staying inside all the time and one day it hit me that I must see if I have any empty boxes which I needed for organizing the spices in the kitchen. As expected, when I opened the door of the closet, plenty of stuff from the pile of stuff fell in the hallway and I’ve just felt that urge to take everything out and organize the entire closet.

It took me almost a day to re-arrange everything and I couldn’t stop because all those things were now blocking the entrance in the apartment and filling the entire hallway and half of my kitchen.