Instead of chasing happiness

6 min readMay 17, 2021

Our generation is facing a reality where happiness is portrayed like a real thing that you can have in your hands, store in your house and show to everybody. This reality also makes it mandatory for people to do certain stuff for this palpable happiness. You can’t just have it. You can’t find it in the supermarket. However, it’s there. It exists. You can eventually see it, touch it, have it. But you have to work for it and it’s always a challenge.

This is because of a lot of factors. But I believe it’s mostly about too much information about everything, available everywhere and at any time. However, this part of evolution happened so fast, that very few of us understood how to handle all the information and resources suddenly available at any corner.

We get easily distracted because we don’t know how to multitask or to focus on different things at once. We get frustrated because there is so much out there and we can’t have it all. We get depressed because we don’t know what we want anymore. We think we want something, and the next day that something doesn’t mean anything anymore because everything changes overnight.

Most of the things we do are dictated by society and trends. We are thought to believe in a certain way because we see how everybody is acting that way. We don’t question anything because, like I said, the answers are always there, just a click away. So why investing time in learning something that will always be there for us? We don’t need it now…

The problem with this approach is that we’re not very good at adapting to being and living like this. At the end of the day, existing to impress or to check items from a bucket list you never dreamt of is shallow and tiring. Chasing dreams that are not yours is frustrating. Believing that happiness looks the same for everybody is sad and simply untrue.

The solution is that we need to go back to the basics. Regardless of how fast everything changes around us, we must remember how simple life actually is and embrace evolution in a different way rather than just doing what everybody else is doing.

I’ve been through some rough times a couple of months ago and this gave me the opportunity to objectively think of myself and assess the way I measure my happiness and what I want from this life.


Doing everything from love.